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Ibn Battuta - the Traveler of Islam
Dostupnosť: Dodanie 4-9 dní
Cena: 42.99 €
Dátum vydania: 10.01.2019
EAN: 9788494631122
Kat.č.: X19817
Distribútor: import10
Vydavateľ: ALIAV
Žáner: Klasika

Ibn Battuta had in the Muslim word the same significance as Marco Polo in the Western countries. A relentless traveler, he deeply changed the perception of Orient among his contemporaries and the following generations. Morocco, Mali, Egypt, Yemen, Zanzibar, India, The Maldives, China. This non-exhaustive list gives us a hint about the extraordinary journey Jordi Savall invites us to. As usual, he is surrounded by the best experts and this CD-book is lavishly illustrated.

Jordi Savall/La Capella Reial De Catalunya