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Le Testament Symphonique/Sym. No. 39-41
Dostupnosť: Dodanie 4-9 dní
Cena: 21.99 €
Dátum vydania: 31.05.2019
EAN: 8435408099349
Kat.č.: X75950
Distribútor: import10
Vydavateľ: ALIAV
Žáner: Klasika

Following a long maturation process, Jordi Savall presents his interpretation of Mozart’s Last Three Symphonies. He has chosen - on this double album - to repeat the Symphony No. 40 twice, in order to underline the continuity existing from one work to the other (this is an important dimension of this milestone of the orchestral music in the XVIIIth Century). The Concert des Nations is at its best and put flesh and bone on this vision, in which fluidity and theatricalness dominate.

Le Concert Des Nations/Jordi Savall